So how do Animal Readings work?

I will see a colour usually their fur or a particular part of their bodies or the whole animal and describe what I see and then I will describe their character and some memories they may also show me which helps you know which animal is coming through – sometimes it may be an animal….

Steps to take to find your lost animal

Apart from working with me to increase your chances in finding your pet as soon as possible, there are some practical things you can do to find them a.s.a.p. I would advise you do not wait as time is of the essence. Get onto your local Craigslist and post a short message with photos and….

Welcome to Psychic Empath

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Welcome to my new Website. – (This One !) – and the new name: Psychic Empath. I used to have a fairly well known psychic practice called, where I did Psychic Readings for Pet owners, Farmers and Animal Conservationists. I am now offering Psychic readings for all Relationship issues, to get your situation unblocked….