Website Launch Day

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I’m relaunching as the Psychic Empath and just sent out my first email to my regular clients and workshop attendees. I thought I’d paste the email here for posterity; Hello dear friends and fellow Psychic Empaths –   I was ‘SheTalksToAnimals’ now …                                  A n i m a l  beings  –  H u m….

Soul vs The Human Brain

What is our Soul?  Is it a certain depth, is it a quietness, a peacefulness?  Is it our truer Self?  I think so, yes.  We can all be deep Souls with Love to share, sometimes it’s a relaxed fleeting moment alone or with another, it’s not quiet worldly though is it? When we catch ourselves….

Babies and Babies in Utero

I can tune into your child and describe their character and needs at this moment and also what they need from you as a parent when they arrive as it were. I will usually be able to tell you their specific love languages useful as they grow up. For example, if you love them as….

How Relationship readings work?

Love Relationships, be they with compatible partners, family, friends, or your larger community as a whole, can often push our emotional buttons unlike anything else in our lives. I am here to help you cut through to the heart of the situation and uncoil any energy blockages that are found in these important relationships. Emotional….

Energy Healing and Horses

By feeling into the pain of my horses shoulder this morning I felt the pain of a horse the couldn’t handle being pushed around by her barn mate, an alpha mare.  She was lame on her right fore.  Male (right side) and where she is going in her life. (foreleg).  We did the physical remedies….

(Article): Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators

Katharine Turner Mays (Kate) has been approved as an ethical animal psychic by Penelope Smith, (2004). Formulated in 1990 by Penelope Smith   Animal Communication | Penelope Smith Animal Talk Animal Communicator Penelope Smith, Animal Communication Founding Pioneer, Author of classic books, Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit “Our motivation is compassion….

Each baby has a song (I can teach you your child’s song):

“Of all the African tribes still alive today, the Himba tribe is one of the few that counts the birth date of the children not from the day they are born nor conceived but the day the mother decides to have the child. When a Himba woman decides to have a child, she goes off….

How I communicated with my son 6 years before he was conceived

Psychic tuning into your child before it arrives can be done.  If they are waiting for a cue or situation to occur before arriving they can tell us. With this kind of reading I will describe children that come to me and then we can communicate with them. Children can be communicated with and sometimes….

How Do Physical Healings Work?

I will tune in to the body and describe what I am feeling empathically in mine and also what I psychically see, then we go from there, and you add what you need and want from this reading. Our bodies are infinitely intelligent they are programs within programs and from a deep level can be….

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