Transformational Psychic Readings with Kate:

Transformational Psychic Readings consist of Kate psychicly tuning in to lost parts of her clients. Once re-claimed in the session, these found parts can be employed to help choose fullfilling life paths. The readings often help to resolve clients own dna, past life and cultural programming, transforming relationships with themselves and others.

Often, a client’s pet from childhood or a living pet will show itself to Kate. Kate will describe the animal she sees clearly, both it’s personality and physical traits. This can help with the reading by opening hearts.

  • Your Souls journey
  • Your Soul mate’s (human and animal)
  • Resolve relationships with family members who have died
  • Beloved pets who have died
  • Past life trauma resolution
  • Upgrading programming
  • Resolve relationships with employees, co-workers or your boss
  • Resolve relationships with your partner
  • Resolve relationships with your child, your teen, your adult children
  • Resolve relationships with your past partners
  • Moving old karmic patterns

A Bit About Kate:

Kate is a Brit who has lived in Texas since 2000. Healing has been her main path and work since she was 21. She has meditated over 40,000 hours and been sober since 1989.  She has worked with clients since 2000 doing Transformative Psychic Readings, primarily as an animal psychic and then incorporating both humans and their animals. Kate has spent years on her own healing particularly benefiting from EFT, EMDR (cptsd) and horse therapy.  Her knowledge and experience in 12 steps recovery, trauma recovery and her spiritual shift into a resounding Peace, as a result, means you receive a deep, working perspective from your readings with her.

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Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings. State your prefered days and I will return your email with available times. For a better reading, with more clarity, do not use the email to write any reading details, however, general enquiries are welcome.

MISSION Statement:  ‘Allowing this Psychic gift to liberate myself and others.’