How Relationship readings work?

Love Relationships, be they with compatible partners, family, friends, or your larger community as a whole, can often push our emotional buttons unlike anything else in our lives.

I am here to help you cut through to the heart of the situation and uncoil any energy blockages that are found in these important relationships.

Emotional freedom and peace of mind are the goals of our work together.

I will tune into you and your life and see people or places and describe who I see and what their characters are like and you will be able to tell me who they are and if you would like to work with them. We will discuss and look into what needs to be integrated. Integration involves my psychically talking to people in your lives, and psychically talking with your unconscious shadow parts to help move past difficult situations we sometimes unconsciously create for ourselves.

I will also go as deep as you need and if past lives come into it I will help you move karmic residue that may have followed you into this time and space.

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