Energy Healing and Horses

By feeling into the pain of my horses shoulder this morning I felt the pain of a horse the couldn’t handle being pushed around by her barn mate, an alpha mare.  She was lame on her right fore.  Male (right side) and where she is going in her life. (foreleg).  We did the physical remedies green clay and origarno oil mixed together for the thrush in her hooves.  I then opened a MAP and began to feel into her pain and chat with her internally.  I empathically felt her upset re being number two to a fairly big alpha mare who bites and runs her.  As luck would have it another horse is on his way to our barn who eats the same amount she does which means they can be put out and fed together and she will most likely be the boss of him as she is established here.  When I lunged her after our chat, she was not lame going one way on the lunge and favoring her shoulder a little bit going the other way on the lunge.  Basically alot better.  I will order in a chiropractor/profound woman of many talents to help out.  And contuniue the conversation of her not wanting to be pushed around.  I did try talking with the alfa mare but she told me she took 3 patient years to be the alpha and has no interest in backing off.  Fair enough.

As the lame horse and I empathicly ‘chat’ over the next few days the energy changes in the block in her shoulder should move more and more – I will continue to energetically check in over the next few days and look forward to see if her leg has shifted after being with her new paddock mate who arrives end of next week.  Fingers crossed…..

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