How I communicated with my son 6 years before he was conceived

Psychic tuning into your child before it arrives can be done.  If they are waiting for a cue or situation to occur before arriving they can tell us. With this kind of reading I will describe children that come to me and then we can communicate with them. Children can be communicated with and sometimes cannot be. If they come through they are usually very clear about what they will need, how they will behave and react to life with you.

My son communicated with me telepathically and in dreams for six years before he was born. He showed me what he would look like as a child and as a young man. He told me where he needed to be conceived and how he wanted to be birthed – We dutifully did it all and as a result it all seemed to flow with ease even the difficult parts (natural home birth).

When I was ready he told me clearly what school he needed it is a very special school and to write his name down for it as it is hard to get in so we did – at the time I wasn’t aware there was this rare type of school where we live but there it was and he’s been schooled this way since he started there. He went into minute detail about foods, even allergies and interests. We had a piano waiting for him as requested and now 12 years later he plays piano, writes music, songs and records them in a professional studio – all this and more I was told by his ‘soul’ while he was still a twinkle in our eyes.

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