So how do Business Readings work?

I will tune into your situation within your business or work place and see or feel certain scenarios – then I will ask you who a person is that comes through or verify blockages I sense or see. At this point you can go deeper into the situations and we get more detailed.  Your part in the blocks will be looked at and I will probably give you homework. For example, you have an angry client/land lord that seems to be making life unnecessarily difficult I can drop deeply into why and shift it, with your help.

You help with shifting the energy by owning your part in the scenario if needed or feeling into past lives that might come up – I know culturally we don’t trust past life stuff and if you don’t we won’t go there – I find that if they come up and resonate with you its a great help and things clear up fast.

I have psychic ‘conversations’ with each and any people blocking your path to success and we go deeply into why, both with them and with your unconscious.

If you are needing things to change and you are willing to look at yourself and change, by hearing my psychic conversation with your unconscious shadow or the ‘survival’ programs, then things go fast and deep.

These readings help you upgrade old programming (the brain is our computer with childhood programmes ‘beliefs’ that might need updating, enabling shifts and things to move forward). These readings help clean up and clear up business and work situations allowing them to flow thus creating the abundance and peace of mind that you work so hard for.

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